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“Learn Who Invented The iPod.”

80GB iPod

Who Invented The iPod?

When Apple decided that they wanted to get into an underdeveloped market of digital music players their hardware engineering chief Jon Rubinsten put together a team of engineers to design and build a high quality digital music player. On his team were tony Fadell and Micheal Dhuey, they were the principal hardware engineers. In October 2001, in just less then a year from them starting this project, Apple introduced what we know now as the “iPod”. Who knew it was going to take the market like storm!

What Can The iPod Do?

Since the iPod was first introduce over 6 years ago it has grown to be a handy tool. The iPod is now more then just a handy tool to carry your music around with your. There are many uses for the iPod now. The most popular reason to buy the iPod is because of the music but software developers have opened so many different uses. some of the things you can do with an iPod include:

. Store thousands of songs so that you can listen to them wherever you go.

. Store thousands of digital pictures.

. Import photos from your digital camera by using the iPod Camera Connector.

. Look at your photos through a slideshow.

. Listen to audiobooks.

. You can create On-The-Go playlists.

. You can use your iPod to store files and backup data.

. You can change the equalizer settings on your iPod.

. You can store all of your contact information and synchronize it to your calendar.

. You can record your own voice memos.

. You can play games.

These iPods are great! I have a black 80GB video iPod. Whenever we go for long drives we hook it up to our car radio using a FM transmitter and we never get bored, we have so many different songs on there we do not worry about running out! My husband will take it into the doctor’s office or somewhere that there is a long wait and will watch a movie or videos on it.

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In my next few posts learn what does ipod stand for and learn how to copy cd to ipod.

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